Why MTC?

With experienced coaches, a year-long professional training plan, spacious facilities and an active triathlon community, MTC is the club for

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This schedule is meant to give a general overview of the semester. A daily Google Calendar schedule is in the

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Coaching Team

Our coaching team has over 20 years of combined experience. Both funny and knowledgeable, you will like them in no time!

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Training Schedule

This page is for members only. To view it please enter your password below: A different password is shared every semester in...

Registration Info

The McGill Triathlon Club welcomes everyone! Registration through McGill Client Services is on pause. Register in person at McGill Client Services at...

Fall 2021 Open House

Note that due to the limited capacity of people for workouts, there will not be an MTC Open House this semester. Practices...

FAQ & Contact

Frequently Asked Questions: Q)I'm a decent swimmer/cyclist/runner but I have never swam/cycled/run before in my life and would likely drown/fall/have to walk....

Mission Statement

Our mission at the McGill Triathlon Club (MTC) is to promote participation in multisport events at McGill University. Through a professionally designed and coached program, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle and  team spirit, preparing our athletes for competition at the local, national, and international levels.

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About MTC


Swim, bike, run, eat, sleep, cross-train

The McGill Triathlon Club is a group of ambitious, athletic individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We are elite, amateur and recreational athletes who share a common goal: having fun while improving our physical fitness, performance and endurance.

The McGill Triathlon Club recognizes and positively supports a diversity of abilities, classes, cultures, sizes, ages, gender expression and sexual orientation.

The Club is open to McGill students, staff, alumni, and the Montreal community at large.

The McGill Triathlon Club is managed by a volunteer Council and follows a Constitution.

The McGill Triathlon Club has certified coaches for all three sports: swimming, cycling and running. The detailed training schedule is provided to members only.

Feel free to contact us @ mcgilltriathlon@gmail.com with any questions and check us out on Facebook!