Why MTC?

With experimented coaches, a year-long professional training plan, spacious facilities and an active triathlon community; MTC is the club for



With 10 available practices every week, managing training, work and social is easier than ever. No obligations, only possibilities! Summer


Coaching Team

Our coaching team has over 20 years of combined experience. Both funny and knowledgeable, you will like them in no time!


Training Schedule

This page is for members only. To view it please enter your password below: A different password is shared every semester in...

Registration Info

The McGill Triathlon Club welcomes everyone! Register through McGill Client Services starting on December 17th The Winter session will run from January...

Open House (May 6-12)

Open house week provides a chance for everyone to get a feel for our club prior to signing up as a member....

FAQ & Contact

Contact information: For any questions, please contact: mtcpresident@gmail.com Frequently Asked Questions: Q)I'm a decent swimmer/cyclist/runner but a have never swam/cycled/run before in my...

Mission Statement

Our mission at the McGill Triathlon Club (MTC) is to promote a healthy lifestyle, team spirit and the participation in multisport events at McGill University, as well as at the local, national, and international level, through a professionally designed and coached program.

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About MTC


Swim, bike, run, eat, sleep, cross-train

The McGill Triathlon Club is a group of ambitious, athletic individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

The McGill Triathlon Club recognizes and supports a positive diversity of abilities, classes, cultures, sizes, ages, gender expression and sexual orientation.

The club is open to the community at large in addition to servicing McGill students, staff and alumni.

We are elite, amateur and recreational athletes who share a common goal: having fun while improving physical fitness, performance and endurance.

The McGill Triathlon Club is managed by a volunteer Council and follows a Constitution.

The McGill Triathlon Club has certified coaches for all three sports: swimming, cycling and running. The Fall/ Winter/ Summer training structure is provided on the Schedule page.

Feel free to contact us @ mcgilltriathlon@gmail.com with any questions and check us out on Facebook!