Registration Info

The McGill Triathlon Club welcomes everyone!

  • Register in person at McGill Client Services at the McGill Sports Complex (475 Pine Ave W)
  • Register online on the McGill Athletics Website. If you have any problems signing up online, try a different browser or visit the Client Services. (only for students)
  • You must be at least 18 years old to join MTC.
  • The club has a limited capacity, so register early!

Registration Fees Winter 2023

All MTC participants must have a valid McGill Sports Complex membership in order to access to the building. Registration to the MTC itself and ability to access practices is in addition to the membership.

  • All non-McGill students must purchase a minimum 1-month membership to partake in MTC, however, you must have a valid McGill Gym Membership when you come to practices.
  • All non-McGill students must possess private insurance and/or be affiliated with Triathlon Quebec.

Core Membership: $150.00+tax