Registration Info

The McGill Triathlon Club welcomes everyone!

  • Register in person at McGill Client Services at the McGill Sports Complex (475 Pine Ave W)
  • Register online on the McGill Athletics Website. If you have any problems signing up online, try a different browser or visit the Client Services.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to join MTC.
  • The club has a limited capacity, so register early!

Registration Fees Summer 2022

All MTC participants must have a valid McGill Sports Complex membership in order to access to the building. Registration to the MTC itself and ability to access practices is in addition to the membership.

  • All swims in May will take place at the McGill pool as well as a few Tuesday evening track sessions in Molson Stadium.  For the rest of the period, a few swims will happen at the McGill Memorial Pool –  but building access will be exceptionally granted on these specific date for swims ONLY.
  • Participants will be required to have purchased at least a membership for the month of May and obtain their access card if they wish to attend swims during that period. They can also take advantage of the summer deal at 139.99$ for full gym access after that period or from other 8 or 12-months offers referenced in your presentation as well.
  • Sports Complex Membership includes access to all the facilities outside of MTC practice sessions – including access to the Fitness Centre and to Lap Swim sessions
  • All non-McGIll students must possess private insurance and/or be affiliated with Triathlon Quebec.

Core Membership: $120.00+tax

Full Membership: $170.00+tax

MTC offers two registration options: the Core and Premium memberships.

  • Core Membership: These core workouts are on a fixed schedule. This membership does not allow access to premium workouts.
  • Premium Membership: The Premium membership consists of the same core workouts plus additional ones. These extra workouts are often less crowded and offer more 1-on-1 time with coaches.
  • See both schedules here 

How to decide between the two memberships:

The core membership allows us to offer a lower registration price. This is ideal for those who want to discover the world of triathlon and who just want to keep in shape during the season.

The fixed schedule allows our training program to be tailored around the core workouts. This will maximize the benefits of the training. However, if your schedule requires flexibility in your workout times, the full membership definitely suits your needs better, since you can have access to all workouts.