Executive Council

President: Lokshun Ko

Lok lives and breathes triathlon and is proud to be part of such an awesome club. His goal as the president is to make sure that everybody feels welcomed and has the best experience possible.

His favourite fuel is sour coke candy. Did you know that due to the oxygen rich air in New Zealand, coke candy grows the size of your palm? His post-ride fuel of choice is a latte.

Lok’s favourite moments are to see MTC friends during a race. it is inspiring for him to see how far everyone comes along their triathlon journey and to see them giving their best no matter what. The cheers, the high-fives and the smiles always give him a boost of speed!

Email: [email protected]

VP IT / Communications: Raphaela Allgayer

In the next few years, you will receive many emails from her, keeping you updated on the training schedule of the club!

Her favourite ride fuel is Appelstrudel with a double espresso. Her favourite workouts are mountainbiking rides with long climbs (because they are always followed by long downhills) and weekend social rides with MTC!

Raphaela’s favourite McGill Triathlon Club memories are training weekends and the first edition of Défi 12 heures, where 6 MTCers raced for 12 h straight!

Email: [email protected]

VP Finance: Sarah Li

VP Internal: Karine Séguin

Karine is responsible for booking all facilities and coaches, for example the pool at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Her favourite social bike ride fuel is ice cream and she likes to use the made good mixed berry bars for an allergy-friendly snack.

Her favourite memories with MTC were the spins on zoom/zwift with Jean-Luc and swims at PJD.

VP Social: Laura Munné

Laura is a software engineer, excited to create human and sporty events to get all MTCers together. Watch our for her posts on our social media accounts!

Her favourite fuel during winter is BLACK Americano, no milk, no sugar, but during summer she loves ice cream post long bike rides.

Laura’s favourite type or training is non-stop training.

One of Laura’s best memories with MTC was the Summer of 2022, with many team activities and social rides.

VP External: Luis Alvarez

Luis is a McGill architecture graduate, excited to update our club’s image and merchandise, while hoping to get us a new coffee sponsor!

His favourite ride fuel is cappuccino with a regular croissant or baguette, and his favourite trainings are group rides in the summer with “Le Club Espresso Bar & Café” or “Messorem”.

Luis’s favourite McGill triathlon club memory is at Magog race weekend with so many of us that came out!