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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q)I’m a decent swimmer/cyclist/runner but I have never swam/cycled/run before in my life and would likely drown/fall/have to walk. Can I still join?
A) Yes! We only require that you are able to swim about 300m on your own before you join, no matter how long it takes you. You are welcome to join for two sports in the meantime. We have a HUGE range of abilities and ANYBODY is welcome to join. There are no tryouts. If you are motivated, that’s all that matters.

Q) How do I register?
A) Registration is done through McGill Client Services. For prices and instructions click here.

Q) If I’m not a McGill student, can I still join?
A) Yes! Anyone is welcome to join the McGill Triathlon Club!

Q) How long is my registration for?
A) Registration is by university semester. There are three semesters: Fall (September-December; 15 weeks), Winter (January-April; 17 weeks), and Summer (May-August; 17 weeks).

Q) What does the training schedule look like?
A) We will update the schedule on the website for each semester as soon as it is finalised.

Q) I might only be able to attend “x” number of practices per week. Is that OK?
A) Definitely! It’s your training and it’s completely up to you how many times you come. The programs are posted online in our “member-only” section. If you want to complete the same workouts as the club on your own, you have them at your disposal.

Q) What equipment do I need? Where can I get it?
A) Swimming – Bathing suit, goggles, and bathing cap. We make use of pullbuoys, kickboards, and paddles.

Biking – MUST have a helmet, water, and everything to change a flat. You don’t need a top of the line bike, but a road bike is very useful. N.B. All our cycling in the fall/ winter is indoors. MTC offers bike trainers for fall and winter spin sessions that take place in the McGill Spin Room.

Running – Shoes and proper clothing. Dress in warm clothing for the fall/winter. We hold outdoor runs all year round!

Q) Will I need a gym membership?
A) No, you don’t need a McGill gym membership. However, if you are not a student paying the gym supplement with your tuition or if you don’t pay the gym membership separately, the MTC membership will be slightly more expensive for you!

Q) Is there any way I can just join for one or two sports?
A) Yes! We welcome anyone who wants to train with us, regardless of the sport.

Q) I would like to join part way through the semester. Is this possible?
A) This may be possible if we have not yet reached capacity. You can find more on the McGill Athletics website or by contacting McGill Client Services. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any discount prices if you join later in the semester.

Contact information

For any questions, please send an email to [email protected] or send us a message on our Facebook page.