With 10 available practices every week, managing training, work and social is easier than ever. No obligations, only possibilities!

Summer 2019 Schedule

The Fall schedule will run from May 6th to September 1st.

This schedule is meant to be printer friendly and to give a general overview of the session and is subject to change. A daily Google Calendar schedule is in our members’ section.

For the open house location and times, consult the open house schedule here.

  • Core workouts are coached by our qualified coaches, who are available to answer questions regarding training and provide technical feedback.
  • Additional workouts are also coached but reserved for premium members, who can participate in all workouts. Visit the Registration Info page for more information.
  • OYO (On Your Own) workouts are on the training plan but not coached. Workouts are most often lead by MTC council members.

Winter 2019 Schedule

The Winter Session will run from Jan 7th to April 30th